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From the raw material to the regenerated granule

Plastic recycling process

Forever Plast’s target is to create innovative products for the building, packaging and automotive fields and work with many worldwide companies.

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Forever Plast S.p.A. produces and distributes regenerated HDPE, PP and PS pellets, in addition to the finished products mainly intended for use in the building, packaging and automotive trades.

The company stores, regenerates and transports plastics, with material mainly coming from a national organisation and other European suppliers.

From the raw material we have two kinds of processes:

Washing and Grinding

The first process involves washing and grinding operations to produce ground material that meets the requirements of standard UNI 10667. Some of the ground material is used directly to mould finished products.


After grinding the plastic, the second process involves the extrusion lines to produce the regenerated pellets patented by Forever Plast, the company’s core business.

Forever Plast regenerates plastic to obtain the granules:

All the granules are distributed on the market to manufacturers of plastic components and products for various applications.

Our company produces different plastic products, especially for building, packaging and automotive industries.

The main finished products are:

Aprilia - Tiles (Closed and open)
Aprilia - Tiles (Closed and open)

It is a HDPE flooring system recommended for terrace covering and flat roof, recreative and expositive areas, sporting demonstration, swimming-pool borders, locker rooms, toilets, workshops, pedestrian crossings and campsites.

Quadrifoglio and Millenium - Lawnkeeper
Quadrifoglio and Millenium - Lawnkeeper

They are carriageable grating system in HDPE plastic, structured so as to allow a perfect grass rooting. The “Super” Lawn Keeper (sizes 800×1200) has been supplied as to be laid at the new fair – ground in Milan for the covering of all the large square (about 100.000 sqm).

Amazzonia - Tiles
Amazzonia - Tiles

A HDPE floor system (sizes 41×41) recommended for recreative and expositive areas, applications similar to the Aprilia’s one but, at sight, is different, it seems like a wood tile.

Atlantic - HDPE Panels
Atlantic - HDPE Panels

Sizes 100×110 and 100×120 or multiplies. This HDPE panel has been planned and produced by Forever Plast S.p.A. It has different application: box, flooring, fencing, barriers and many others. This panel is really light, resistant, and long lasting. This panel is water-proof, anti-freezing, UV rays, mould and acid resistant. It is also possible to customize it.