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    Forlene® HDPE is the granule of Forever Plast S.p.A., company working in the post consumption plastic regeneration field.

    Forlene® HDPE is a special compound, recycled and recyclable, based on high density polyethylene (HDPE), produced and marketed by Forever Plast S.p.A., in national and international market and intended to create plastic products of different kinds of application.

    Forever Plast S.p.A. has many years of experience in plastics field and thanks to the differentiation of its own production is able to satisfy customers which need HDPE for injection moulding, extrusion, blow-moulding, thermoforming, for pipes and for dimple sheet production.

    Thanks to continual development and an innovative filtering system, Forlene® HDPE pellets are normally used for the 100% replacement of virgin raw material.

    Forever Plast S.p.A. itself uses a part of its own Forlene® HDPE to make high density polyethylene finish products, as carriageable lawnkeeper, plastic tiles, multifunctional panels and more, mainly intended for building field application.

    Product data sheet

    Product Forlene® HDPE High Density Polyethylene
    Shape Pellet
    Colour RAL colours
    Applications Injection moulding, blow-moulding, extrusion
    Package Big bags, octabins, silocontainer trucks

    On demand Forlene® HDPE is available also in RAL colours.

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