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Forever Plast S.p.A takes up an area of approximately 15.000 sqm, of which 5.000 sqm covered and the remaining part, external to the shed, used for the transit of trucks, for loading and unloading of goods and raw material storage.

The company is equipped with washing, grinding and extrusion machinery.

Bales of plastic coming from separated waste sorting operations enter the washing plant and are ground down. The ground material then enters the extrusion line, becoming regenerated HDPE, PP or PS pellets.

The granule quality is constantly verified by our internal laboratory.

After quality control, granule is stocked in the storage areas; storage is done in big bags or in silos.

In the same way, goods’ delivery to the customers, is done by big bags, trucks or silocontainers.

Our production capacity is 100’000 ton/year.

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